Our Mission

Protect what matters – the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of our clients and their people.

Our Story

Spherica’s deepest roots are in quality and affordability of healthcare – not just insurance. Insurance is a vital financial vehicle to manage risk and protect people and companies from the perils that we all face in life and business. Fortunately for Americans, clinical healthcare – the direct observation and treatment of a patient – is superior in the United States of America to all other parts of the world. The United States is widely recognized as having the highest percentage of top physicians in the world. The best, brightest, and most highly trained doctors gravitate to America because they are paid more here than in any other country.

It is also true that our system for funding medical care has driven costs very high. Most of the money we spend does not go to the doctors and other providers serving the patients’ needs. It goes to high cost hospitals, prescription drug manufacturers, layers of administration, medical device manufacturers, and the insurance industry. Some of the cost is justified; much of it is not! Spherica empowers its clients and their people with the tools and knowledge to access the highest-rated healthcare providers at the lowest overall cost.

Simply stated – Spherica provides proven solutions that deliver better quality of life, financial protection, and overall value for you and your people.

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