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Why Spherica

Since 2001, our team of professionals from healthcare, human resources, insurance & technology have assisted organizations to maximize the value of their benefits programs.

The United States has the best clinical healthcare in the world. The system to access and pay for American healthcare can be challenging. There are hidden financial incentives and inefficiencies in the healthcare industry that prevent many organizations from achieving the optimal value they deserve.
Spherica helps each client, regardless of size and revenue, transcend the negative forces that drive excess healthcare spending.

Employee Benefits

Spherica will help you build a long-term strategy that strengthens your organization and enhances the health and financial well-being of your people.

Partial Self Funding

The Spherica PSF Team will design and navigate your program for the maximum positive impact on your organization and your people.

Small Employer Benefits

The Spherica Small Employer Team will implement solutions to maximize the value of your benefits on a budget that makes

Individual & Family Benefits

Our specialists will help you navigate the ACA Marketplace to select the best possible plan for you and your family. 

Risk Management

The Spherica Risk Management department will develop and implement coverages specific to your business operation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Since we began working with the team at Spherica, we now have benefits that our employees appreciate and brag about! When our members have any question, they contact Sandy and her team at Spherica and receive expert, personalized assistance every time. These guys are the best!

Dan Dearden has been our insurance broker since 2001. Because we must compete for top talent nationally in the technology sector, our benefits package must be of the highest quality. As we have grown and prospered, Dan and his team have been a key component in our success year-after-year. For the past several years, we have consolidated all of our risk management and business insurance needs under the Spherica company as well.

Spherica's expertise in Parial Self-Funding is at the highest level in the industry. They have helped us achieve the goal of providing our people access to the highest quality physicians and facilities in the five states we operate, while keeping our costs in check with renewals in most years. Their secret is employee engagement and education. Our people have become exceptional at using their benefits wisely.

Spherica is the best! Do yourself a favor and meet with them today!

We have experienced Spherica to be a highly motivated, hard-working organization that is consistently knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond concerning tough questions in today’s business environment. After several years, we are very pleased with all their support and I am confident that other clients would speak of them as highly as I do.

Meet the team

We’re a team of experienced professionals.

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